No Need to Pretend (Love is Here)

"Hey, you wanna take a tap dancing class with me?"   "Uh, sure...." (I've never been very coordinated but my friend wants me to show up). Pretending to be a person you're not is hard but even harder is trying to meld into those you love for the express purpose of securing their love back.  I… Continue reading No Need to Pretend (Love is Here)

Getting REAL

Joy Replaced Dread Today

Something new is happening. I am feeling more joy than dread this week.  I think it has something to do with careful exposure.  I am starting to share my struggles in a way that does not ask for pity or even understanding but in a way that says:  "This is me and I'm totally cool… Continue reading Joy Replaced Dread Today

Getting REAL

Avoiding Life? Shocked Out of Submission on My Birthday

In two days, I'm turning 54.  Birthdays have never phased me all that much.  I don't care for fanfare.  Parties are too much work for my taciturn self.  Really, I just am too overwhelmed by the personal exposure and connection they engender.  I'm happy with a bit of sweet harmony and my fantasies.  I fantasize… Continue reading Avoiding Life? Shocked Out of Submission on My Birthday